Shaping future researchers – Journalism studies PhD colloquium at ICA

My participation at this year’s ICA conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico started at a pre-conference Journalism studies PhD colloquium in which PhD candidates present their dissertation projects (or portions of it) in order to get feedback from senior journalism researchers.

The usefulness of scientific conferences for refining research projects and ideas is one of the tangible benefits of attending such conferences. It is even more enriching when aspiring junior researchers have the opportunity to share and discuss their ideas and also the problematic areas that keep them awake at night.

The Journalism studies PhD colloquium excelled in this front because it allowed students to choose the senior researchers that would act as respondents to their research projects. We all got feedback from a scholar that is an expert in our interests within the journalistic field. This is not only rewarding from the perspective of getting new perspectives from the scholars we respect and admire, but also to hear what other students think about our projects and incorporate tips and tricks that may or not be helpful in the long turn.

This type of initiative (this year partly organized by our very own Karlstad University and NODE’s prof. Örnebring) is what ultimately shapes the capacities and qualities of future journalism researchers. All PhD students are specifically open to hear the constructive criticism as a building block for a refined PhD project, but most importantly as a part of a scientific community in which senior researchers take their time to help the newer generation of journalism researchers.

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